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3d Monitoring

By Intulook

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Query Execution Plan

Displays SQL query execution plan in 3D.

Different elements represent different SQL operations. Quickly spot bad operations: full table and index scans, excessive number of rows, resource consuming operations

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In order to use INTULOOK, please install Unity3D Web Player

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What is it all about?
This is new monitoring tool - INTULOOK (= Intuitive look). Instead of the numbers and charts information is presented in the most intuitive way. It creates intuitive, nice, even sexy images, like in a game. The visualization is perfect to get grasp of the situation at whole.

We cover the following areas:

SQL server monitoring (SQL Agent Jobs, SQL server Logs, IO, CPU)
Windows monitoring (WIndows Log plugin)
Execution Plan visualization - for SQL Developers and Query optimization.
VMware monitoring (Poly Server monitoring)
... and more is coming!